At Access Storage we have spared no expense in making sure your belongings will be safe and secure. Incorporating a combination of: Total Perimeter Fencing, Lighting, Individual Door Alarms, Security Cameras with “State of the Art” Digital Recording as well as remote viewing capabilities, Monitored Keypad electronic controlled access gates. When you rent a unit with us you will be given a pass code that allows you access to the facility. No one else knows your code. Your code also deactivates your individual door alarm. A record is kept of everyone who entered the property and at what time. And we offer all of this at very competitive pricing!


Tenants execute more than 60 percent of self-storage break-ins. An individual rents a unit, probably paying cash. He spends a fair amount of time on site, observing activity where unit doors are open so he can see what's inside. When the opportunity presents itself, he cuts the lock and sorts through the contents, placing the valuable items at the front of the unit. He then closes the door and secures it with his own lock. Once he has eight or 10 units secured, in comes the truck and out go the goods. The unit doors are left locked and no one is the wiser until the original tenant returns to find his key doesn't fit. Individual door alarms eliminate this scenario. As soon as the thief opens the first unit door not belonging to him, the alarm sounds, and the office or management are notified. This will send problem tenants down the road. After all, why would a burglar choose a target that has individual door alarms when he can go down the street to a facility that doesn't ?!